Fun Things To Pass The Time

I've found that when I'm bored, I can do all sorts of things that can be fun. It doesn't take a genius to know that. However, finding those things is another problem altogether. A lot of people simply sit down and read a book, some text their friends (assuming they have friends), and others just … Continue reading Fun Things To Pass The Time


5 Simple Steps To Make Amazing Cheese Dip

Some of the best cheese dips that I've ever tasted are homemade, seeing as how both my mom and dad can make some awesome cheese. If you like cheese but have never known how to make it, I'm going to tell you. This is not a secret recipe so anyone can use it. First, get out the … Continue reading 5 Simple Steps To Make Amazing Cheese Dip

How To Overcome Writer’s Block

Lots of writers get writer's block. In fact, most writers experience it at some point. Even some of the best writers have gotten it. If you do struggle with it then you're not alone. Here I'm going to share some ideas on how to overcome it. Music. I've found that listening to music while I'm writing will … Continue reading How To Overcome Writer’s Block