Living with Women

Some of my friends think that they have it so hard living with their two or three sisters. They have no idea. I live with five women and they are not the nicest women either.

First of all, I have three older sisters and two younger sisters. My older sisters have found it easier to pick on me rather than anybody else. My younger sisters thought that since everybody else is doing it, why don’t we try it. WHY!? Thankfully, I’ve learned to defend myself.

Second, they’ve all gotten to that awkward stage called puberty. When they’re, shall we say “Under the influence”, they can be very hard to deal with? They get very grumpy and are even meaner than usual.

Third, most girls have an excessive love of chocolate. That means if they have chocolate and I ask for some, they decline with a strange fire in their eyes. Guys, DO NOT try to take chocolate from a girl – unless you want to die young. I’m not joking – don’t take chocolate from a girl! If she gives it to you, by all means, take it because that opportunity will probably not come again. If you don’t like chocolate or you’re allergic then you have nothing to worry about and you can forget about everything I just said.

How to Deal with the Women in Your Life

  1. Always have some form of emergency chocolate on you, especially if they’ve been acting strangely. Having chocolate with you or being able to get chocolate quickly will save you a lot of pain. Not physical pain,(although that might be the case with some women) but the mental pain from having to deal with them.
  2. Learn to say “I’m sorry” when you say something offensive. You might’ve hurt them more than you think, so if you want her to be nice to you, apologize. And make it sincere.
  3. If you don’t think you can handle them then try staying in your room or just staying away from them for a while.

I don’t know if any of these will help you, but I hope that they will. Give them a try and if they don’t work then don’t do them anymore. Plain and simple. Thanks for reading.






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