How To Eat Waffles

Some people might struggle with eating waffles. Fear no more. I am here to help you. Here are some simple steps on the right way to eat a waffle. Or the wrong way, depending on how you look at it.

  1.  First, fix the waffle. It’s kind of hard to eat something that hasn’t been fixed yet. This includes putting on the butter and syrup. You’ll want to spread the butter evenly over the whole thing. Do the same thing with the syrup though that might be a little harder. I recommend just pouring it on the center and letting it spread out on its own.

    Next get a fork. If you can’t cut it with just a fork then get a knife too.


    Then once you have the waffle and fork you can start eating. Use your fork and cut the delicious breakfast food into small pieces. This might be challenging if you’re OCD because you’ll be tempted to try to cut it into squares. Don’t worry about that. Just small pieces will be fine.


    The next thing you’ll want to do is use your fork to pick up one or two pieces and bring them to your mouth. Once they are in your mouth chew them slowly to enjoy the flavor. You can chew for as long as you like but eventually, you’re going to want to swallow so you can stick the next delicious bite into your mouth.


    Along with the actual waffle, you are going to want a glass of milk. The sugary goodness will probably make you thirsty and milk is the best drink to go with this meal. When you’re done with the food, drain the milk and fix another waffle. Fix as many as you want but I would recommend no more than four.

    Remember to drink plenty of milk while you’re eating. I hope this helps if, for some reason, you have trouble eating this delicious meal.


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