How To Overcome Writer’s Block

Lots of writers get writer’s block. In fact, most writers experience it at some point. Even some of the best writers have gotten it. If you do struggle with it then you’re not alone. Here I’m going to share some ideas on how to overcome it.

  1. Music. I’ve found that listening to music while I’m writing will sometimes help me clear my mind. Or if I’m listening to music with words in it, some sudden inspiration will hit me. Listening to music will not help everyone, though. Some people might find it distracting.
  2. Take A Walk. If you’re stuck and don’t know what to write, taking a short walk can also help. If the weather’s nice outside, then go out there. If it’s not nice, then just walk around the house. Either way, taking a walk can also help to clear your mind.
  3. Chocolate. That’s right, I said Chocolate. Studies have shown that dark chocolate can help with writer’s block. For all you females out there, this is probably the most helpful. Certain other foods can help too, like kale, some kinds of nuts, and a couple of others.
  4. Ask. Asking for advice or help can also provide you with a variety of different ideas. Ask different people different questions and you’ll get different answers. Even great authors have had to ask for help. Authors like C.S.Lewis, Christopher Paolini, and J.R.R.Tolkien have all asked for and received help from their friends and family. Don’t be afraid to just ask. Family members will probably be the most willing to help but some close friends can help you too.

These are some ideas of how to get rid of writer’s block. The results may vary for different people but I’d suggest trying at least two of these. If one doesn’t work try another. I hope somebody out there will find this helpful.


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